Happy Tales

These Felines Have been Adopted


mazey6.jpegMazey is a 4 year old female with marbled orange markings.

dawnDawn is a year old petite torti, loves attention

brucedec18Bruce is 1-2 years old.  He loves attention, is playful and sweet.  He doesn’t like to be carried around.


romeod18.jpegRomeo is a 7 month old male.  He is super loveable, playful and likes to explore.   He was found trapped in a fence, after this rough start he deserves to be spoiled.

beaumontBeaumont is about 18-24 months. He was found with his sister as a stray They are super sweet, love attention, talkative and ready to explore their new home. They need to be adopted together.

ziva2Ziva is 18-24 months.  She has longer hair in her ears and her tail is fluffy.   She was found as a stray with her brother and need to be adopted with him.  She is very sweet, loves attention and looking out the window.

piper4.jpegPIPER is a tech-savvy blonde girl who will chase the laser and then plop down to play games on your i-Pad!  Just 5 years old, she loves being the center of attention and would do best with huminz she can keep all to herself or other calm cats!  Will you consider this upgrade to your household operating system?

juilet118.jpegJuliet is a sweet 6 month old gal.  She was found as a stray with a collar on and she was not claimed.  She would love to go home with Romeo or must have a playful cat at your house.


wesleyd18.jpegWesley is 7 months old. He has dark strips and big feet.  He  needs a friend to play with or one of his siblings,  Drake, Truman.

draked18.jpegDrake is 7 months old.  Super cute with his grey and white markings.  He likes play and snuggle with his siblings Truman,  Wesley.

geoffery5,jpegGeoffery  is at the rescue with siblings Edward and Fritz.  He would do best in a  home with a sibling/buddy or your friendly cat.  He is shy at first but purrs like crazy when held.

calvin.jpdg.jpgCalvin loves to be near you, give kisses, play with other cats. Does well with other cats, and needs a friendly cat at your house or one of his siblings. Approx DOB 5-4-18.

willson.jpegWillson is 5 years old.  He was very withdrawn when he came here, he now loves having his ears scratched and sitting in your lap.  This sweet man deserves a great home.  He loves people and is fine with cats

ed1.jpegEdward loves attention, playing and toys.  He Does well with other cats, and needs a friendly cat at your house or one of his siblings. Approx DOB 5-4-18.

felicity.jpegFritz is a sweet  kitten.  He loves attention and playing  Does well with other cats, and needs a friendly cat at your house or one of his siblings,  went home with Edward


lexi3.jpegLexi is a sweet loveable kitty who begs for attention and loves to play.  She is a petite, very dark grey gal who is under a year.

polly1.jpegPolly is a 3.5 month old kitten who was found abandoned on the street.  She is sweet, loving playful and loves other cats for company

creighton2Creighton is 6  months old.  He is shy at first and would do best in a quiet home with a cat friend or one of his siblings, Drake or Truman,Wesley

ollie1.jpegOllie is sweet boy who was a stray and now needs a real home. He is 1-2 years old, playful, loves attention and is good with other cats.


felicityoct.jpegFelicity is 8-9 months old.  pretty gal. She will take a few days to settle in and then likes attention, exploring and looking out the window. She would be fine as an only pet, but is doing well with most of the cats.

hobbs2.jpegHobbs is 5 months old.  He took a few days to trust us and now likes attention , playing and being in the cat tree.

edna.jpegEdna is about 4.5 months old   She loves attention, playing with toys and her friends.


axel6.jpegAxel is about 3 years old.  Super sweet, loves pets, belly rubs and looking out the window. He is a very calm fellow and does fine with other cats

dillon.jpegDillon is about 1 year old. He was found as a stray, but is super friendly and loves belly rubs. He seems ok with other cats


berkley2.jpegBerkley is 4 months old,  Super cute and enjoys toys.  She needs a friend or one of her siblings(Bristol or Wesley) to play with. or or Creighton, Drake, Truman She is at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in DM

trevorxm1.jpegTrevor is a sweet, gentle boy who loves attention and has green eyes. Trevor tested positive for FIV. He will need to be an indoor cat either in a home alone or with an experienced cat owner with nonaggressive felines.  He is a lap cat and needs a lot of human attention.  He is fine with other cats and loves playing with the laser or toys with feathers.

mia7Mia is a young 11 year old front declawed dilute torti.   She is super sweet, loves to be brushed, and will make a great lap cat.  She has really pretty green eyes and likes to lay on your chest.  She doesn’t always like to be petted.  She would love to be the only pet to receive all her new humans attention( or older calm pets)

jadah.jpeg.jpgJada is 2 years old.  Jada loves other cats, playing with toys.  She likes attention and would do well with a playful cat.

amoshome.jpeg Amos and Jack Jack are adopted together.  Sweet, energetic 3 month old kittens.

fordhome Double Happy Tale.  Bentley and Ford are adopted.


grant5.jpegGrant is a handsome grey tabby who is 3 years old. He is an attention hound and loves to play with a squeeker toy.   Once he gets to know you he loves pets and snuggles.    His brother were adopted and he needs another cat to play and snuggle with

jerrytannJerry is a long haired buff and white fellow.  He was born fall 17 and was owner surrendered due to humans health issues.  He loves attention once he gets to know you and plays with toys.  He needs another cat to play with

doug2Doug is a 1 year old long haired mostly grey male.  He likes attention and is fine with other cats.  He was owner surrendered due to human’s health issues

tinker1.jpegTinker is a 2 year old medium haired calico who was surrendered due to family issues.  She is super sweet, loves attention and came from a home with other cats.


lillyxm.jpegLilly is a 10 year old DLH female. She loves to be brushed and sit beside you. She requests a window to look out. Lilly is fine with older cats, has not been around kids or dogs.   Lilly has had a dental and extractions, her bloodwork looked fantastic.

mel2.jpegMel is a 1 year old front declawed male.  He is very affectionate, does well with buddy Bruce.  He would do best with no dogs or small children

 bruceBruce is a 1 year old tiger.  He loves attention and came to the rescue with buddy Mel.


zach3.jpegZach is 3 years old, he is very handsome with his black swirls.  He is VERY friendly, gets along with other cats, would be fine with kids.

theoblk1.jpegTheo is a 3 year old Black and white guy with a cute mustache.  He is very affectionate and has a unique purr.   Adopted with Zach

chaz7.jpegquinnxm1.jpegChaz  and Quinn are 4 year old brothers.


thumper1 Diamond is 4 years old. She is very calm, loves attention, being brushed and the cat tree. She came to the rescue  when her mom went to a care facility.

keesha2Keesha is a 2 year old who loves attention, being held and does great with other cats.  She will play with toys or snuggle with you.

corbin4bronson8.jpeg  My name is Corbin.  This is my brother, Bronson.  We are here to LOVE YOU UP!  Corbin is a master hair stylist and professional neck warmer.  Our original huminz had to move out of the country, and we were brought to Happy Tales.  Bronson loves attention and looking out a window.

Yasmine1Zara2Double Happy Tale,  Yasmine and Zara are adopted together.  Best buddies that were lost in the country now have a comfy home

lancelot1.jpegSir Lancelot is a flame point siamese mix.  He has blue eyes and is super sweet. Lance was found as a stray and not claimed.  loves people,  unsure of other animals yet


thumper2.jpeg Thumper is a 3 year old declawed male. He is super sweet, loves to explore and look out the window. He is fine with calm cats, and kids. He came to the rescue with Diamond when their mom went to a care facility

marcus99Lucky is the family that gets to adopt Marcus! This handsome, gentle giant is the perfect mix of snuggle bug and playful feline! He’s one year old, has silky fur, and piercing green eyes.  He is particularly fond of soaking up the sun, comfy beds to curl up in, snuggling and playtime with his people and other friendly cats.


marley.jeg.jpgMarley is 5 months old. He was found as a stray with a collar on and not claimed. He enjoys being held and would love a playful cat to wrestle with

elliott2.jpegElliott is 8 months old.  He is super cute,  affectionate and great cat.  He really needs a playful cat to wrestle with.

sakaradec.jpegSakara is a 12month old ray of sunshine with golden eyes. She is very cuddly, even stretches to help you pet her chin and belly when scooped up in your arms. She enjoys playing with toys and would love to be adopted to a home with another cat or ideally adopted with Achilles . She will be a source of love and light in her new home.

achillesAchilles is about 8 months old, very friendly and handsome guy.  He loves wrestling with his new buddy Sakara.  They would love to be adopted together.  They will keep you entertained for hours.

chloeblk1.jpegChloe is 9 months old, very affectionate and outgoing. She loves the cat tree, does great with other cats and has been around a small dog. Her sister is Hanna,

hannagr1.jpegHanna is a 9 months old super cute gal. She has been around cats, a small dog and older kids.


juneaumJuneau is a 3 year old female who came to the rescue with a baby.   She is a calm, laid back cat who is fine with other cats and dogs, she also loves to play with toys.

reeves.jpegReeves is a very friendly guy who likes to explore and BEGS for attention. He is about 2 years old, mostly white with tabby spots. He is fine with cats and dogs.

dracoxmDraco is a 5 year old, front declawed handsome guy looking for a home without dogs.  Super sweet and loves belly rubs.

sophie.jpeg Sophie was born Oct 3rd.  Sophie is a dilute calico and a little shy at first.  She must have another feline to play with and snuggle with.  She would do great with an older cat who wants to cuddle.  Sadie’s parents came to get sister Sophie


ruby11Ruby is a 3 year old with golden eyes.  She loves attention from humans but gets picked on by other cats.  She needs an experienced owner or female household.

sadie3.jpegSadie is 3 1/2 months old. She is super curious, loves to explore, wrestle with other cats and is very playful.

benxm– Ben is  a 7 month old Tuxedo kitten ready for adoption! He is now playing with other cats and loves a bird toy that chirps.  He is super friendly, loves to be held and looking out the window.

ravenxm1Raven is about 8 months old.  She is a torbie(tiger with rust) who was found as a stray.  She is a talker and likes attention, she loves toys that move.



Jan ’17:  beginning adult  57  beginning kitten 7, stray admitted 3 stray kitten admitted 1,  adopted adult 4, adopted kitten 3

Feb ’17:  Admitted 2 adults, adopted 5 adults, adopted 3 kittens.

March ’17:  Admitted 4 adults, 4 kittens born in care, 5 adult felines adopted.

April’17:  Admitted 2 adults,  Adopted 8 adults.

May’17:  Admitted 4 adults, adopted 4 adult cats.

June ’17:  Admitted 7 adults, 7 kittens,  adopted 2 kittens and adopted 3 adults, one passed

July”17:  admitted 4 adults,  adopted one adult, 4 adults returned to field

August ’17:      admitted:  adults 2, 9 kittens adopted: 1 kitten, 5 adults

Sept’17:  Admitted: 2 adults, 3 kittens,  adopted:  5 kittens, 2 adults

Oct’17:  Admitted: 9 adults, 1 kitten,  Adopted: 3 kittens, 1 adult

Nov ’17  Admitted:  4 adults  Adopted: 1 kitten, 4 adults, 1 sick cat euthanized

Dec’17   admitted: 7 adults, 1 kitten  Adopted 2 kittens, 6 adults;  ended ’17 with 66

Jan ’18  admitted 3 adults, 2 kittens,  adopted 1 kitten, adopted 3 adults

Feb’18  admitted 1 adult:   adopted 1 kitten and 3 adults

mar’18:  admitted 1 kitten 9 adults ,  adopted 1 kitten and 5 adults

April ’18:  admitted 4 adults,  adopted 9 cats

May ’18:  Admitted 3 adults, adopted 4 adults

June’18:  Admitted 7 adults  adopted 3 adults

July’18:  Admitted  16 ,  adopted.  4

August:  admitted: 14    Adopted:  8

sept ’18:  Admitted 3, adopted 2, tnr 1, euthanized 1 (84)

Oct ’18 :  Admitted 2, adopted 3

Nov ’18:  admitted 1 , adopted 4 , 1 kitten died

Dec’18:  admitted 3, adopted 7,  1 kitten died  end (74)

Jan ’19:   admitted  1,   adopted 5


0 deaths unless specified


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