Happy Tales


cooperow2.jpegCooper is a 4 year old long-haired male who is homeless due to a house fire.  He is super sweet, loves attention, and is fine with other cats.  He will need to be brushed several times a week.

annie.jpegANNIE is about a year old and petite. Annie is super sweet and loves attention and being in your lap. She does have an abnormal eye from an old injury prob. as a kitten. Her owner passed away and she was scared,(the same place that Sherlock and Watson came from). She has been here for several weeks gaining weight

duncan6Duncan is 3 years old.  He came to us with wounds on his ears.  He would do best in a quiet home without dogs or kids because he startles at sudden movements(poss abuse).  He does fine with other cats.  He is all about being loved, cuddled and deserves to be spoiled.

 daisybDaisy is 2 years old.  She was rescued with 2 kittens.  She is affectionate, likes to be held and has a loud purr.  She is super cute and does well with other cats.


bellehome1bellehome2.jpeg  Scarlett and Belle are 11 month old sisters rescued from outside,  They have come a long way in trusting humans.

lincoln1 Lincoln is 6 months old.  He is very friendly, love to  play, explore and wrestle.  He has a super loud purr and loves to be held.  He needs a feline friend. 

_MG_8704Kirby is 2+ years old male with medium length hair and green eyes.  He is super sweet, loves attention,  and seems unfazed by other cats

cricket6.jpeg   Cricket was found as a stray and is a very talkative torti.  She was already spayed and is about 6 years old.  She is very curious and loves looking out the window to watch birds.  She loves her human attention, loves playing with older kids, but not being picked up.  She does well with docile cats and wants to be around you, take a nap with you and sits beside you while you work on the computer.   She does ok with our calm dog.

misty8.jpeg.jpgMisty is gorgeous inside and out! She’s a two-year-old petite girl with incredibly soft, silky fur and mesmerizing golden eyes. She is a bundle of positive energy and has yet to meet a feline or human she doesn’t like. She loves lots of attention, all toys, climbing her scratching post, windows with lovely views, and running around with her feline friends, particularly Patches. She would be a ray of sunshine in any household!

patchesxm998Patches is a beautiful, sweet girl! She’s a 1 1/2-year-old petite girl with lots of energy! She loves a good window seat, soaking up the sun, all toys, patient humans, and her best friend, Misty. She is a discerning feline who can be shy when meeting new people, but loves cuddling once she gets to know you. She would love to be adopted with Misty!

rockywinterRocky is a very friendly cat found as a stray and not claimed.  He is about 11/2 year old, loves having his head rubbed and his canned cat food.  He would do best as an only Cat, no small children.


addi3Addison(Addie) is a1 1/2 year old female. She plays well with other cats. loves her toy mouse. She is cute, affectionate and ready for her new home.

koraKora is a 3 year old sweetheart. She was a friendly stray that was already fixed.  She was very thin, so we feel she was someone pet.   She had to have a dental and several teeth removed, but is doing great and eating fine.  Kora is an attention hound, she loves being held and in your lap.  Would probably be best as an only cat.

tango6 cash4  Tango and Cash are 9 months old.  They are very playful.  Tango plays well with older cats.  Cash has a head tilt- cause unknown-he is very playful, loving.  These 2 are very affectionate and love to be held, would be great with kids.  They need each other or another friendly feline to play with

IMG_3949 (2).jpegMystic is a 12-18 month old lovebug.  She was a stray  that was already altered, she was someone’s pet. Mystic loves attention, being in your lap and chasing balls. We feel she would be ok with a calm dog or cats if she was introduced properly.


darcy.jpegcosmo2.jpegDarcy and Cosmo are  4 1/2months old.  They are siblings and are very energetic and playful.  Cosmo is the shyest but once he gets to know you loves to be held and has the loudest purr.  Darcy is the explorer, she needs to see what is going on, she is very energetic.

akelaredAkela is 9 months old. He is sweet and likes to be held and is playful.  He has a very loud purr,  he is  Very easy going and great with kids.  Akela needs a friendly feline at your house or one of his buddies at the rescue

sherlock3 _MG_6509.jpgSherlock and Watson are 7 years old.  His owner passed away and his living conditions were horrible.  He is very sweet, loves attention and has gorgeous green eyes.  They have both had dental work done and blood work.  They love attention, to snuggle and are very bonded

gizmo  Gizmo is 4 1/2 months old.  He loves attention and playing.  He is super cute with his black spots and pink nose.

otis1Otis is about 9 months old.  He was a stray not claimed.  He seems fine with other cats and we feel would be ok with calm dogs.  He is super sweet, loves attention and playing.

whispurrWhispurr is about 1 year old.  She is very friendly and likes to explore.  She loves her toy mouse.  This gal was living outside and deserves a warm, safe home.


whitney1Whitney is a 5 month old dilute torti. She loves attention, belly rubs and playing with her toys

madisonbabyjackson  DOUBLE HAPPY TALE!!! Madison and Carter are adopted together.  They are very people friendly, love to play and love to snuggle

reggiexm2Happy Tale!!   Reggie gets a home with Mallory.  Reggie is a sweet, loving guy

mallory1.jpegMallory is 9-12 months old.  She is super sweet, loves to play once she knows you

torixmTori is a 7 month old calm kitten who loves to be held and explore.

herschelxm1Herschel  is a 2 year old guy who loves attention.  He will give head butts,is playful and talk for a attention. He would be fine as only cat or another calm cat.  He loves our calm dog. No small children or very energetic pets.

jojo1JoJo has found a home.  He was turned loose by his old owner to fend for himself outside.  now he has an indoor home and lots of attention


dinoxm1.jpegastroxm3.jpegDino (orange )and Astro are 5 months old. They are very curious and like to explore.  We prefer they stay together as they are very bonded. Super sweet and playful these 2 would make a great addition to someones family. They are at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in Des Moines

holly1merry1Holly and Merry are 3 months old and were plucked off the streets to safety, there was no mom seen.  They are very snuggly and love attention.  Merry and Holly  love wrestling with each other

noelNoel finds her forever home in time for Christmas. She is sweet and loves attention.

lacey2Lacey finds her forever home.

lucasnoah1Lucas and Noah are adopted together,  Yippee!!   What adventures they will have.

asherHappy Tale!!  Asher is adopted.

diamondxm1Happy Tale!!   Diamond finds a wonderful home.

harper1  Happy Tale Harper is adopted.  This sweet girl will be spoiled and loved in her new home.


Jan ’17:  beginning adult  57  beginning kitten 7, stray admitted 3 stray kitten admitted 1,  adopted adult 4, adopted kitten 3

Feb ’17:  Admitted 4 adults, adopted 5 adults, adopted 3 kittens.

March ’17:  Admitted 4 adults, 4 kittens born in care, 5 adult felines adopted.

April’17:  Admitted 2 adults,  Adopted 8 adults.

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