Happy Tales

These Felines Have been Adopted



20190306_164636 Hops is 9 years old, 4 paw declawed, begs for attention and loves people and does great with other cats.  He does need a special diet for urinary crystals.

reagan3Reagan:  This 3 year old female literally stepped out of a classic children’s book with her beautiful black and white markings as well as her playful personality.  She is a joyful companion with her conversational ways and will fill the pages of your life with loving friendship.   She was owner surrendered due to owner health issues.

20190413_191322.jpgDemi is a young adult who was found living at a car dealership. She is very sweet and gives head bumps once she knows you. At this time a quieter home would be best.


20190227_101134Egypt is a young siamese (1 year old )  she was dumped in the country and had 4 kittens.  She couldn’t take care of them and 2 were hand raised.  She is very sweet but does startle with loud sounds.  She likes human attention.

20190217_165711Israel is a go getter he with sister Jordan were brought in the house at 4 weeks of age.  He is VERY energetic and would love to go to his new home with sister Jordan or have a compliment cat in the home  born approx  9-1-18

20190306_170449.jpgJordan is a lover and attention hound.  She is very energetic and wants to explore her new home.  she would love to go with brother Israel or have a compliment cat in the home.  born approx  9-1-18

coral4Coral is a 8 month old .  She needs to be adopted with sister Violet.  they are super friendly, playful, love to play with each other.

violetd118.jpegViolet is 8 months old.  She loves playing with her sister Coral, they need to be adopted together.   They are super cute, playful yet like attention.

20190227_101520Asia is a cute siamese mix with blue eyes.  She warms up after a few days.  She needs one of her family members or a friend at her house.. born approx  9-1-18

mel5.jpegMel is 1-2 years old.  He is front declawed and a talker. He loves to give kisses and hugs.  He is playful and loves chasing the laser.

maxwell.jpegMaxwell is a doll,  he is 7 months old.  loves to explore and be snuggled.  He needs a friend at your house.

whitied18.jpegWhitie:  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to touch a fluffy, white cloud?  This is exactly what it’s like to pet this 3  year old male.  He loves to be petted, rolling over for his belly to be rubbed.  Playtime is one of his favorite times of the day.  He is both affectionate and independent.  Please let Whitie float into your life and fill it with “cumulus” amounts of love.   He is super cute and likes attention.  He was surrender due to owners health issues.


russell2.jpegRussell is a loveble guy needing a home with one of his buddies or a friendly cat at his new home. He likes attention, playing and exploring.

tyson22.jpegTyson is a 6 month old kitten,  he is very friendly, loves to play and explore.  He needs a friend at your house or one of his buddies at the rescue to play with.

danicaDanica is a spunky kitten, she would do best with another cat. She is very playful and loves toys.

trumandec18.jpegPTruman is 8 months old.  He likes to explore and play.  He needs a friend at your house or one of his friends (all his siblings have a home)

mazey6.jpegMazey is a 4 year old female with marbled orange markings.

dawnDawn is a year old petite torti, loves attention

brucedec18Bruce is 1-2 years old.  He loves attention, is playful and sweet.  He doesn’t like to be carried around.


romeod18.jpegRomeo is a 7 month old male.  He is super loveable, playful and likes to explore.   He was found trapped in a fence, after this rough start he deserves to be spoiled.

beaumontBeaumont is about 18-24 months. He was found with his sister as a stray They are super sweet, love attention, talkative and ready to explore their new home. They need to be adopted together.

ziva2Ziva is 18-24 months.  She has longer hair in her ears and her tail is fluffy.   She was found as a stray with her brother and need to be adopted with him.  She is very sweet, loves attention and looking out the window.

piper4.jpegPIPER is a tech-savvy blonde girl who will chase the laser and then plop down to play games on your i-Pad!  Just 5 years old, she loves being the center of attention and would do best with huminz she can keep all to herself or other calm cats!  Will you consider this upgrade to your household operating system?

juilet118.jpegJuliet is a sweet 6 month old gal.  She was found as a stray with a collar on and she was not claimed.  She would love to go home with Romeo or must have a playful cat at your house.


wesleyd18.jpegWesley is 7 months old. He has dark strips and big feet.  He  needs a friend to play with or one of his siblings,  Drake, Truman.

draked18.jpegDrake is 7 months old.  Super cute with his grey and white markings.  He likes play and snuggle with his siblings Truman,  Wesley.

geoffery5,jpegGeoffery  is at the rescue with siblings Edward and Fritz.  He would do best in a  home with a sibling/buddy or your friendly cat.  He is shy at first but purrs like crazy when held.

calvin.jpdg.jpgCalvin loves to be near you, give kisses, play with other cats. Does well with other cats, and needs a friendly cat at your house or one of his siblings. Approx DOB 5-4-18.

willson.jpegWillson is 5 years old.  He was very withdrawn when he came here, he now loves having his ears scratched and sitting in your lap.  This sweet man deserves a great home.  He loves people and is fine with cats

ed1.jpegEdward loves attention, playing and toys.  He Does well with other cats, and needs a friendly cat at your house or one of his siblings. Approx DOB 5-4-18.

felicity.jpegFritz is a sweet  kitten.  He loves attention and playing  Does well with other cats, and needs a friendly cat at your house or one of his siblings,  went home with Edward




Jan ’17:  beginning adult  57  beginning kitten 7, stray admitted 3 stray kitten admitted 1,  adopted adult 4, adopted kitten 3

Feb ’17:  Admitted 2 adults, adopted 5 adults, adopted 3 kittens.

March ’17:  Admitted 4 adults, 4 kittens born in care, 5 adult felines adopted.

April’17:  Admitted 2 adults,  Adopted 8 adults.

May’17:  Admitted 4 adults, adopted 4 adult cats.

June ’17:  Admitted 7 adults, 7 kittens,  adopted 2 kittens and adopted 3 adults, one passed

July”17:  admitted 4 adults,  adopted one adult, 4 adults returned to field

August ’17:      admitted:  adults 2, 9 kittens adopted: 1 kitten, 5 adults

Sept’17:  Admitted: 2 adults, 3 kittens,  adopted:  5 kittens, 2 adults

Oct’17:  Admitted: 9 adults, 1 kitten,  Adopted: 3 kittens, 1 adult

Nov ’17  Admitted:  4 adults  Adopted: 1 kitten, 4 adults, 1 sick cat euthanized

Dec’17   admitted: 7 adults, 1 kitten  Adopted 2 kittens, 6 adults;  ended ’17 with 66

Jan ’18  admitted 3 adults, 2 kittens,  adopted 1 kitten, adopted 3 adults

Feb’18  admitted 1 adult:   adopted 1 kitten and 3 adults

mar’18:  admitted 1 kitten 9 adults ,  adopted 1 kitten and 5 adults

April ’18:  admitted 4 adults,  adopted 9 cats

May ’18:  Admitted 3 adults, adopted 4 adults

June’18:  Admitted 7 adults  adopted 3 adults

July’18:  Admitted  16 ,  adopted.  4

August:  admitted: 14    Adopted:  8

sept ’18:  Admitted 3, adopted 2, tnr 1, euthanized 1 (84)

Oct ’18 :  Admitted 2, adopted 3

Nov ’18:  admitted 1 , adopted 4 , 1 kitten died

Dec’18:  admitted 3, adopted 7,  1 kitten died  end (74)

Jan ’19:   admitted  1,   adopted 5

Feb”19:  admitted  12 ,   adopted 7

March’19:  admitted 17, adopted 9

April’19 : admitted 0 adopted 3



0 deaths unless specified


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