Ranch Hands

Happy Tales Ranch Hands are Felines who need an experienced adopter or are working on their social skills.  They will eat, play and sleep at the ranch for as long as necessary.  They all need monthly($10) sponsors to help pay for their food, litter, health care and treats.   If you are interested in sponsoring one of the Ranch Hands you can donate via  paypal. If you have any questions please email us at happytalesiowa@gmail.com

tobyj18.jpegToby  loves the other cats, he plays wrestles and loves watching TV and looking at the window.  He is not a fan of being touched but will play laser and feather wand toy with you.

smokeyjan18.jpegSmokey is very shy around strangers.

bandit2.jpeg Bandit is Smokey’s brother and is bonded with his sister Daisy.  Bandit  loves the other cats and will play with wand toys with our guests but is not fond of being touched

daisyjan18 Daisy is very playful with other cats and will play with toys with humans.  We can pet her at times.  She would blossom in a home with a friendly cat.


Echo is a 1 1/2 years old female.  She was brought to the rescue with her sibling (Onyx) as an unwanted litter of kittens.  She was very shy but once she knows you will lay in your lap for belly rubs.  She would do best in a quiet home without Children and dogs.     Email the rescue for more info. SPECIAL PRICING TO ADOPT THEM TOGETHER

onyx0Onyx is a 1 1/2 years old female still at the rescue with her sister (Echo).  She is shy with new people but warms up quickly and they both have loud purrs.  They get along with other cats.  They will do best in a calm home, without Children and dogs and someone to give them time to adjust.


rosco3.jpegRosco is a declawed male who is very calm and affectionate.  He is a very handsome buff colored guy.  He would prefer to be the only pet but does ok with older, calm animal.  he is being medically evaluated/

darhma2Darhma is a 7 year old front declawed gal.  She likes being brushed, laying in the sun and drinking from the faucet.  She would prefer to be the only pet or with one that respects her space.  She will need antibiotics on occasion for sinus infections, will need a very experienced owner

mike22.jpegMike is 3 years old.  He is doing better with people he knows.  He can be petted and will lick your hand once he knows you.  He was in the cat pawsitive program and knows sit, come, etc.

mollyflud18.jpegMolly is 3, she is super shy with people except her caregiver who can pet her and she will roll over for belly rubs.

robyn1.jjpeg.jpgRobyn is 3 years old and at the rescue with siblings Molly and Mike.  She is very shy with stranger but will allow her caregiver to pet her