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Our Mission

Happy Tales Ranch and Rescue is a state regulated, no-kill, nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue located in Central Iowa since 2014.  We are 100% volunteer based, ALL donation go towards the care of the animals.  We are inspected by the State of Iowa.

Our mission is to rescue, provide a safe haven, and care for abandoned animals until a permanent home can be found.  We concentrate on special-needs felines, rehabilitation, and rescue from small pounds and shelters.   We promote spaying and neutering and assist in paying for it when possible.


Sponsor a Feline for a Month

Can’t adopt but want to help, sponsor a feline for a month.  It is $10 for each cat and that helps us buy food, litter and treats.  Your sponsor will be on facebook and on our website homepage.  You may use the paypal button(in the comments please put who is to be sponsored)  or contact us with questions.       Know someone hard to buy a gift for, sponsor a feline in their name.  We will send them a card with a picture of who is sponsored.

alvin2.jpegboulderxmThank you Nate O. for sponsoring Alvin and Boulder for Dec.

fordxm1bentleyxmThank you to our donor who sponsored Ford, Bentley, Blaine, Mason and Bartlett

benxm sakara3.jpegThank you Zianka for sponsoring Ben and Sakara for Dec

ceecee1dracoThank you Gordon C. for sponsoring CeeCee and Draco for Dec

elsa3morgan2.jpegbridget4.jpegThank you Teri K. for sponsoring Elsa, Morgan and Bridget for Dec.

raven4zoe2Thank you Robyn W. For sponsoring Raven and Zoe for Dec.

norbiexm.jpegsebastianxm3.jpegBig THANK YOU TO Roxi, Suki, Tybalt(formerly Patches, Misty and Toby) & family for their generous donation. They sponsored 12 cats for Dec. , Norbie, Sebastian, Mia, KitKat, Oreo, Lilly, Mindy, Frannie, Chaz, Quinn, Guiness, Garth.

marcusxmtatexm1Thank you Christene for sponsoring Marcus and Tate for Dec

tobytiger.jpegThank you Holly and Tyler for sponsoring Toby for Jan

jessa111.jpegjadah.jpegjosiexmThank you Christine for sponsoring Jessa, Jada and Josie for Jan

FELIXoctsebastianxm17 norbiexm.jpeglillyxmpiper4.jpegThank you Lorraine for sponsoring Felix, Sebastian, Norbie, Lilly and Piper for Jan

trevorxm1.jpegfordxm.jpegIvyxm17.jpegThank you Deb M. for sponsoring Trevor, Ford and Ivy for Jan

sherman3.jpegdarhma2.jpgdracoxm.jpeg mindya1.jpegmia12.jpegThank you Holtkamp family for sponsoring Sherman, Darhma, Draco Mindy and Mia for Jan

juneaumThank you Kathleen for sponsoring Juneau for Jan

thankyoulind.jpegLindsay sends a BIG THANK YOU to Randy and Jo for their very generous donation. We appreciate your continued support

cheddars2 keesha2.jpegThank you Robyn W for sponsoring   Cheddars and  Keesha for Feb.

elliott rizzoThank you Linda and Royal for sponsoring the vet care for Elliott and Rizzo

marcus99.jpeg boulder3Thank you Carole N. for sponsoring Marcus and Boulder for Feb.

thankyoumar.jpegHappy Tale wants to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Annette, Bob and Bo. They had a Superbowl party and raised money for us and Puppy Jake. We stopped by to meet everyone, What a great idea. Thanks for including us!!!

fordxm bentley66.jpeg masonxm  sydneyxm.jpeg emmittdecThank you Holtkamp family for sponsoring Ford, Bentley, Mason, Sydney and Emmitt for Feb

thankyoulindThank you Joseph R. for sponsoring 5 felines for the month of Feb. ‘for his sisters Rachel’s Birthday,    Ivy, Bartlett, Reeves, TJ and Lindsay say Happy Birthday!!!

banditjan18.jpegsmokeyjan18.jpeg toby6.jpegThanks to Julia for sponsoring Daisy, Bandit, Smokey and Toby for Feb.

echo3.jpg  alvinxm117Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring 3 felines for Feb.  Echo, Onyx and Alvin