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Our Mission

Happy Tales Ranch and Rescue is a state regulated, no-kill, nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue located in Central Iowa since 2014.  We are 100% volunteer based, ALL donation go towards the care of the animals.  We are inspected by the State of Iowa.

Our mission is to rescue, provide a safe haven, and care for abandoned animals until a permanent home can be found.  We concentrate on special-needs felines, rehabilitation, and rescue from small pounds and shelters.   We promote spaying and neutering and assist in paying for it when possible.


Sponsor a Feline for a Month

Can’t adopt but want to help, sponsor a feline for a month.  It is $10 for each cat and that helps us buy food, litter and treats.  Your sponsor will be on facebook and on our website homepage.  You may use the paypal button(in the comments please put who is to be sponsored)  or contact us with questions.       Know someone hard to buy a gift for, sponsor a feline in their name.  We will send them a card with a picture of who is sponsored.  ( We currently need 50 cats sponsored each month to pay for their food and litter)

Thank you Shelly(Piper’s mom) for sponsoring Demi for Feb
Thank you to Romeo’s new family for sponsoring Reagan, Bruce, Mel, Harvey and Fiona
Thank you Sharon for sponsoring Echo and Onyx for Feb
Thank you to our volunteer who recommended Happy Tales to a friend.  We will sponsor felines for 5 months with his generous donation.  Mason, Blaine, Bartlett, TJ, Arwen, Arita, Graham, Mike, Molly, Robyn
Thank you to Richard S. and family for their continued support in memory of Patti T
Harmony, Bridget, Zoe, Molly, Russell, Maxwell, and allowing me to rescue these three girls from the pound feb 1st.
Thank you Trevor Z. for sponsoring 10 cats for Feb. Violet, Coral, Rizzo, Tessa, Alvin, Boulder, Wendy, Felix, Emmerson and Frankie
Thank you Helen and Derrick for sponsoring Tyson, Maxwell, Russell, Talia and Sydney for Feb.
Thank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Jessa and Josie for Feb.
Thank you Teri K for sponsoring Ivy, Huxley and Cheyenne.
Thank you Jo and Randy for sponsoring Lindsay, Porche, Morgan, China, Aubrey, Nikki, Clawdia, Faith and Grace
Thank you Robyn H. for sponsoring Hops for March
Thank you Kim S. for sponsoring Aubrey and Nikki for March
Thank you Lisa H. for sponsoring Xavier for March
Thank you Sharon for sponsoring Coral and Violet for March
Thank you Charles and Shannon for sponsoring Rizzo, Cheddars, Zoe, Tessa, and Harmony for March
Thank you Christine W For sponsoring Reagan, Felix, Morgan and Alvin for March
Thank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Ivy and Huxley for March.
Thank you Teri k. for sponsoring China, Nikki and Aubrey for March.
 Thank you Mark and Julia for sponsoring Bandit, Daisy and smokey for April and May
Thank you Sharon for sponsoring Huxley and Cheddars for April
Thank you Robyn W. for your support and sponsoring Cheyenne and Porche for April
Thank you Payne family for sponsoring India and Wendy for April
Thank yo Mike and Kathy(Kathy’s Critters) for sponsoring Clawdia, Elsa, Sydney, Emmitt, and Talia for April
Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring Mike, Robyn and Molly for April
Thank you Kim S. for sponsoring Jessa and Josie for April
Thank you Merlin and Jan for visiting and sponsoring China, Aubrey and Nikki for April
Thank you Randy and Jo for sponsoring Peter, Paul and Mary’s surgery’s and Vet care.
Huge THANK YOU to our anonymous donor who gave a generous donation to sponsor 20 cats for the month of april
Thank you Kim and Martin for sponsoring Roxie and Molly for April
Thank you Cordova family for sponsoring Rizzo, Tessa and Graham for April
Thank you Kim S. for sponsoring Cheddars and Alvin for May
Thank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Drake and Wesley for May
Thank you Shelly N. for sponsoring Clawdia for May
Thank you Michelle G. for sponsoring Lindsay for May
Thank you Alex and Paige for sponsoring Sebastian for 6 months and his yearly vet checkup.
Thank you Sharon for sponsoring Cheyenne and Porche for May

Huge Thank you to Kim D. for her generous donation and an anonymous donor we are able to feed our clowder for May. We need at least 50 cats sponsored a month to provide food and litter.


Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring Molly, Roxie and Arista for May