Adopt Me

ADOPTIONS NEEDED!!!!   To  allow another cat a safe haven.  There are so, so many cats in need of a home. We rescue them from difficult situations and would love to have your help giving them a loving, forever home!

Thank you for your interest in providing a forever home for an animal who needs your love!  Adult cats are $50,  this includes spay or neuter, rabies shot (if over 4 months),  FVRCP (distemper), worming, flea treatment, FIV/FeLV testing, and microchip( lifetime, No fees).    Kittens (6 months or younger) are $70 or 2 for $100. (UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED).  Most of our seniors have had bloodwork and dentals.

If you are interested in adopting one of our felines email us for the pre-adoption application, an appointment will be made after we receive the application. We are volunteers but are available most times except for adoption events, vet appointments and kitty errands to run and the occasional family obligation


FELIXoct.jpegFelix is a 9+ year old happy boy.  He was transferred in from another rescue.  He is super curious and wants to explore his surroundings.  He is fine with other cats and he would be ok with calm dogs(or would be fine as an only pet). He is an attention hound, would love to sleep with his new owner, and is very calm and sweet.

sebastianxm17.jpegSebastian is 9 years old he is an attention hound and lap cat.  He does well with other calm cats.  Sebastian has lovely green eyes and great personality.  He had a dental cleaning and his bloodwork and teeth looked good.

norbiexmNorbie is a 11+ year old neutered male and is a talker.  He was found as a stray already neutered. He is a calm, laid back  gray and white guy with gorgeous green eyes.  He is a talker, begs for attention and is ok with calm cats.

kitkatblu.jpegKit Kat is a 9 year old charmer.  His owner had to surrender him due to their failing health and change in living status.  He is a gentle giant, did well with our calm dog and fine with other cats that aren’t bullies.    He loves belly rubs and looking out the window.   He is a tan and brown tabby with marbled markings.  

emersonxm.jpegEmerson is estimated to be 12+ years Young.  He is super sweet, is a talker and begs for your attention.  He is special needs due to his missing a back paw, not a new issue and requires no special care. He would love a sunny spot to hang out in and a window to look out.  Emerson had his teeth cleaned and didn’t need any pulled.  He will need a senior diet. He would be fine with other calm pets or as an only pet

Front Declawed

clawdia.jpgClawdia  is about 10 years young, front declawed, loves attention on her terms, gives head bumps and has silky soft fur. She would do best in a quiet home with no kids or young animals

sherman3.jpegSherman is 8 years old,front declawed, lap cat. He was displaced by a house fire. This guy deserves a great home to give him loads of attention and love. He needs to be the only cat, (He was in a house with dogs), He would do best in a calm home.

mia7Pending—–Mia is a young 11 year old front declawed dilute torti.   She is super sweet, loves to be brushed, and will make a great lap cat.  She has really pretty green eyes and likes to lay on your chest.  She doesn’t always like to be petted.  She would love to be the only pet to receive all her new humans attention( or older calm pets).

rosco3.jpegRosco is a declawed male who is very calm and affectionate.  He is a very handsome buff colored guy.  He would prefer to be the only pet but does ok with older, calm animal

darhma2Darhma is a 6 year old front declawed gal.  She likes being brushed, laying in the sun and drinking from the faucet.  She would prefer to be the only pet or with one that respects her space.  She will need antibiotics on occasion for sinus infections.

mindya1 Mindy is 12 years old front declawed who was displaced by a house fire. She comes when called and would prefer a calm home with no or older pets. She likes attention, her kidney and liver test were normal. She was a little anemic and is now on a good food. She has had a lot of moving around and stress, let’s find her a great home. email



lindsayjan18.jpegLindsay is a 4 year old petite female with cute white feet, curled tail and spots on her back.   She is also very playful.  She gets along with other cats.

huxleyoct.jpegHuxley is as loveable as he is handsome! And that’s saying a lot with those dark swirls and gorgeous eyes! He’s a volunteer favorite as is one of the first cats to claim an available lap and loves a good belly rub. He’s also a feline favorite as he enjoys the company of most cats, always welcomes a snuggle buddy, and enjoys a good game of chase. Huxley is 4 years old, although he’s clearly wise beyond his years.

cheyenneh.jpegCheyenne is a 2 1/2 year old female.  She is super sweet, likes to explore, is very energetic and loves to play.  She likes her soft soccer ball and carries it around and also likes playing in water. She needs an experienced cat owner.

faithred.jpegFaith is a sassy 2 1/2year old torbie.  She can be a bit bossy with other cats,  She loves human attention, being held and playing.  She does take time to adjust to new situations.  She would be fine with a calm dog.

graceh.jpegGrace is a 2 1/2 year old calico.  She likes attention once she knows you.  She likes walking on the exercise wheel and looking out the window.  She needs an experienced cat owner.

Wendy7Wendy is a 4 year old dilute torti.  She is super affectionate and loves and begs for attention.  Her owner passed away, it was a quiet home.  She is afraid of loud noises, no dogs or little children.

Ivywinter.jpegPetite Ivy is about 3 years old.   She would make a great lap cat.  She has come out of her shell and is playing with the other cats(or would be fine as an only cat).  Ivy exercises on the cat wheel several times a day.  

mazey6.jpegMazey is a 3 year old female with marbled orange markings.  She was a stray already altered and not claimed by her owner.   She loves humans and is fine with other cats if they aren’t in her space( she would be fine as an only cat). She loves our calm dog, no small kids.   She wants a home to explore and play in.

piper4.jpegPIPER is a tech-savvy blonde girl who will chase the laser and then plop down to play games on your i-Pad!  Just 5 years old, she loves being the center of attention and would do best with huminz she can keep all to herself or other calm cats!  Will you consider this upgrade to your household operating system?

tatexmTate is a 2 year  old male.  He is a talker and has bright green eyes.  He would do better with female cats or  younger males.  He really needs another cat to play with or humans home during the day.  He needs an experienced cat owner.   He enjoys most toys and affection from humans.

boulder3Boulder is approx 4 years old.  He is super friendly and gives kisses. He is FIV + so needs to be an only cat or the correct home.  He is super calm and fine with other cats.  He loves chasing the laser and being brushed.  He would make a great couch buddy.

trevorxm1.jpegTrevor is a sweet, gentle boy who loves attention and has green eyes. Trevor tested positive for FIV. He will need to be an indoor cat either in a home alone or with an experienced cat owner with nonaggressive felines.  He is a lap cat and needs a lot of human attention.  He is fine with other cats and loves playing with the laser or toys with feathers.

alvinxm17.jpegAlvin is 3 years old and a big attention hound. He was a stray that showed up here. Well of course we took him in, fed him, got him vetted. He is FIV+, he is very healthy and he is looking for a home.

elsan17.jpeg Elsa is about 4 years old.  She is a medium haired petite gal. She was taken in by a family member when her owner passed away.  She was around small kids, cats and a small dog was from the first owner.  This was way too stressful for her, she is fine with another calm cat.  She has settled into a quieter environment and is now very affectionate.  Elsa has very soft fur, green eyes, loves attention and is playful at time.

josiexm   Josie is a 2 year old.   Josie’s main priority is not missing anything going on.  She loves any toy that moves, walking on the exercise wheel, chasing the laser dot.  she is fine with other cats or would be ok as an only pet.

jessah.jpeg.jpg Jessa is super cute with her white feet and chest.  She is 2 years old, is super playful and loves other cats. She gets along with other cats

porcher17.jpegPorche is 2 years old, with cute white feet. She loves to explore, get back scratches and does well with other cats. She is shy at first with strangers, but will warm up and make a lovely companion to someone willing to give her time to adjust

morgand.jpegMorgan is a 2 year old and is still working on trusting, she is great strides, she is out in the big room with other cats. She startles with fast movements and doesn’t like to be picked up.  Morgan would do great being adopted into a calmer environment. 

tjxmTJ is 3 years old.  He was found as a stray and not claimed.  He was already neutered and obviously someone’s pet.    TJ has large eyes and gorgeous medium haired coat.   He is very affectionate, would be great with kids, calm dog or female cat or fine in a single pet household.  He needs an experienced cat owner.  

guiness3.jlpeg.jpgGuinness is a 2 year old male who was found as a stray.  He loves attention, belly rubs and exploring .  No other cats or small kids


cheddars2.jpegCheddars is 3 years old. He was a stray and wanted to come in from the cold. He now loves belly rubs and his ears scratched. He would do best with older children and is fine with other calm cats.

arwen1.pegArwen is about 2 years old. She is shy and will need time to adjust to her new home. She is a sweet cat who likes her back scratched and looking out the window She enjoys the company of cats, she and TJ get along great!!!1

rizzo.jpegRizzo is a sweetheart about 2 years old.  This big guy loves belly rubs, and having his ears scratched.  He has started to play with toys.  He deserves a real home.

zoe1.jpeg  zoe2.jpegZoe is 1 year old.  She is a cute grey and white cat who is looking for her forever home.  She enjoys belly rubs and has a loud purr and is fine with other cats and loves playing with toys

talia3.jpegTalia is 1 year old tortie.  She is shy at first, but purrs once held.  She is at the rescue with her brother Frankie.  She would do best with older kids and no dogs.  she needs a playful cat at home or one of her friends to go home with.   

frankiedFrankie is 1 year old and is a big panther.  He is at the rescue waiting for his new home where he gets to play with his sister and friends.  He would do best with older kids and no dogs.  He needs a playful cat at home or one of his friends to go home with.   

emmittdecEmmitt is 1 year old.  He is shy around new people, once he gets to know you he is friendly and loves to play.

tessa3.jpegTessa is a petite year old tiger.  She has a very loud purr and loves to play with the wand toy.   She needs another cat in the household.   She would do best in a calm house with no small children or dogs.

bartlettxmBartlett is a 1year old medium hair black cat. He will have you giggling with his playtime antics! He would do best with one of his brothers, Mason or Blaine, in his new home. He’s going to fill your home with joy and laughter.

blaine3.jpegBlaine is a 1year old black cat. He is at the ranch with his brothers, Mason and Bartlett.  He is looking for a special person that is kind and patient as he is a little shy. He is anxious to meet you and would do well with another cat in the home or one of his brothers

masonxmMason is a 1 year old black kitten with short hair. . He likes to play and loves his brothers, Bartlett and Blaine. He would be comfortable in his new home with one of his brothers or a friendly cat at your house, as he loves to play chase and wrestle.  He loves belly rubs

harmony3Bridget is a 1 year old girl who takes time to trust new people. Bridget needs a quiet home and patient person to adopt her. She likes playing with other cats

harmony4.jpegHarmony is about 1 year old.  She lets us give belly rubs,  loves to play , her favorite toy is a mouse

reagan1Reagan is a sweet 2 1/2 year old female. She loves attention, talking,  looking out the window and her new bed. She was owner surrendered due to owner health issues.

whitie1.jpegWhitie is a 2 1/2 year old long hair mostly white male.  He is super cute and likes attention.  He was surrender due to owners health issues.

axel6.jpegAxel is about 3 years old.  Super sweet, loves pets, belly rubs and looking out the window. He is a very calm fellow and does fine with other cats

ollie1.jpegOllie is sweet boy who was a stray and now needs a real home. He is 1-2 years old, playful, loves attention and is good with other cats.

fiona3.jpegFiona is a very sweet, playful kitty. She was a stray in rough shape. This lovely gal is ready to be pampered. Would love to be the only cat,  poss ok with calm dog.

china1.jpeg China is a 1 1/2 year old  petite grey and white gal with medium length hair.   She is shy until she knows you, then she loves pets and she likes the cat tree.  She will do best with no small kids

aubrey1.peg.jpgAubrey will be a year in early fall.  She is very friendly, loves her food and playing.  She would love to be adopted with her sister Nikki or have a friendly cat in her

nikki.jpegNikki will be 1 year old in early fall.  She is shy at first and startles with loud noises.  She would love to be adopted with her sister Aubrey or have a friendly cat in her new home.

harvey1.jpegHarvey is about 3 years old,  he was found as a stray.  He is very friendly, loves pets and attention.  We are unsure how he will do with other animals.



bristol2Bristol is 4 months old.  She loves toys, boxes and needs a friend to play with.  She is at the rescue with sister Berkley and brother Wesley.  or or Creighton, Drake, Truman.  She is at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in DM

berkley2.jpegBerkley is 4 months old,  Super cute and enjoys toys.  She needs a friend or one of her siblings(Bristol or Wesley) to play with. or or Creighton, Drake, Truman She is at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in DM

wesley1.jpegWesley is 4 months old. He has dark strips and big feet.  He  needs a friend to play with or one of his siblings, Bristol/ Berkley. or Creighton, Drake, Truman.  he is at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in DM

creighton2Creighton is  3.5 months old.  He is shy at first and would do best in a quiet home with a cat friend or one of his siblings, Drake or Truman, Bristol, Berkley, Wesley

drake3.jpegDrake is 3.5 months old.  Super cute with his grey and white markings.  He likes play and snuggle with his siblings, Creighton and Truman, Bristol, Berkley, Wesley

truman2.jpegTruman is 3.5 months old.  He likes to explore and play.  He needs a friend at your house or one of his sibling or friends at the rescue, Drake, Creighton, Bristol, Berkley, Wesley

Coral.jpegCoral is a 3 month old .  She needs to be adopted with sister Violet.  they are super friendly, playful, love to play with each other.She is at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in DM

violet.jpegViolet is 3 months old.  She loves playing with her sister Coral, they need to be adopted together.   They are super cute, playful yet like attention  She is at the petco adoption center located at 7333 Buffalo Rd in DM

xavier1.jpegXavier is a 4 month old kitten looking for a forever home. He likes to explore, play with moving toys and does well with other cats.





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