Sponsor a Feline for a Month

Can’t adopt but want to help, sponsor a feline for a month.  It is $10 for each cat and that helps us buy food, litter and treats.  Your sponsor will be on facebook and on our website homepage.  You may use the paypal button(in the comments please put who is to be sponsored)  or contact us with questions.  happytalesiowa@gmail.com       Know someone hard to buy a gift for, sponsor a feline in their name.  We will send them a card with a picture of who is sponsored.


felixhh.jpeg.jpg  Thank you Ryan W for sponsoring Felix for July and August.

sebastianxm3.jpegThank you Alex and Paige for sponsoring Sebastian for June and July

_MG_7121.jpg huxleyxm lindsay7Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring Ivy, Huxley and Lindsay for the month of July

_MG_7760.jpg kramer3.jpegThank you Robyn W for sponsoring Owen and Kramer for July

felixhh.jpeg.jpg  Thank you Ryan W for sponsoring Felix for July and August.

20170723_192604Thank you Patty E. for sponsoring Heidi For August

bea9 miagreenThank you Kelly M. for sponsoring Bea and Mia for August

mindya1.jpeg chaz7  quinnxm1 cheyennexm.jpeg _MG_7080Jessica M. is sponsoring 5 felines for Mrs Bella Jones and in honor of Toby and Shadow. Thank you!!!  Mindy, Chaz, Quinn, Cheyenne, ant Tate

jessahh2-jpegjadah-jpeg_MG_6922Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring Jessa, Jada and Josie for August

IMG_5075  20170720_082018  Thank you Cindy W. for sponsoring Bentley and Kia for the month of August

20170803_11475120170803_155813.jpgThank you to the Rodberg Family, They adopted Theodore and Beatrice(formerly Carson and Callie) They wanted to sponsor Ben and Amelia for the month of August. Thanks guys!!

morgan2  corbin7Thank you Teri for sponsoring Morgan, Corbin and Bronson for Sept.

bentley6 ford2.jpeg Thank You Robyn W. for sponsoring Bentley and Ford for Sept.

alvin2 boulder3.jpeg  trevorxm1.jpegThank you to our donor who sponsored our FIV boys for Sept.  Alvin, Boulder, Trevor


Thank you to Matthew and Brittany for sponsoring Blazer and Dakota for Sept

miagreenThank you to Jolee and Jeremy for sponsoring Mia for Sept

sydneybaby1 emmet1Thank you Caitlin S. For the donation to sponsor Emmitt and Sydney

elsa3sebastianxm3.jpeglindsay7mindya1huxley2.jpgnorbiexm.jpegkitkatblu.jpegThank you Curt and Sara for sponsoring 7 felines for September Elsa, Sebastian, Lindsay, Mindy, Huxley, Norbie, KitKat

lilly5.jpegThank you Samantha and Marty for The extra donation when adopting Felix, I sponsored Lilly for Sept.

Thank you Patti and Chris for the extra donation with your adoption. We will sponsor Jessa, Jada, Josie, Echo and Onyx for the month of Sept.

elsa3 ben4emmetsydneybaby1 emma frankiesakara2Thank you Curt and Sara for sponsoring 7 felines for October Elsa, Ben, Emmitt, Sydney, Talia, Frankie and Sakara

20170723_192604bentley6 ford2.jpeg _MG_7080reno1.jpegThank you Chris and Patti for sponsoring Heidi, Bentley, Ford, Tate and Reno for Oct

jessah.jpeg  jadah-jpeg Josie  echo66.jpegecho8.jpegThank you Joy and Dean for sponsoring 5 felines for Oct. Josie, Jada, Jessa, Onyx and Echo.

smokie2.jpegdaisypk bandit2 Thank yo Teri K for sonsoring Smokey, Daisy and Bandit for Oct.

ivy8_MG_9576Thank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Ivy and TJ for Oct.

blainebartlettThank you Lisa H for sponsoring Blaine and Bartlett for Oct.


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