Happy Tales Ranch and Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), no-kill feline rescue located near Colfax  Iowa. We are licensed and inspected by the State of Iowa.   Our mission is to rescue, provide a safe haven, and care for abandoned animals until a permanent, safe, and loving home can be found.

 We concentrate on special-needs felines, rehabilitation and rescue from small pounds and shelters, and take in stray and owner releases as space allows.  We encourage spaying and neutering of all felines.

Happy Tales needs Volunteers to help clean cages and feed the cats at the PETCO located at 7333 Buffalo Road. Volunteers are needed both in the morning and the evening. If you have some free time and can help please contact us to arrange for training and to schedule a time. There are many other ways to help out please contact us if interested in donating your time in a different way.  happytalesiowa@gmail.com                                      Other ways to volunteer include hanging flyers, collecting items for the felines, sharing our facebook posts, helping at adoption events.

Sponsor a Feline for a Month

Can’t adopt but want to help, sponsor a feline for a month.  It is $10 for each cat and that helps us buy food, litter and treats.  Your sponsor will be on facebook and on our website homepage.  You may use the paypal button(in the comments please put who is to be sponsored)  or contact us with questions.  happytalesiowa@gmail.com       Know someone hard to buy a gift for, sponsor a feline in their name.  We will send them a card with a picture of who is sponsored.

jessahh2-jpegjadah-jpegjosie7Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring Jessa, Jada and Josie for March

kitkatblu.jpegemersonxmThank you Lisa H for sponsoring Kit Kat and Emerson for March.

marcus77.jpegcamillaxm2Thank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Marcus and Camilla for March

tango6cash4tobyor.jpegpatchesxm998.jpeg misty8-jpegThank you Dan and Isabelle R. for  Sponsoring Tango, Cash, Toby, Patches and Misty for the month of March

norbiexm  frannie5.jpeg bea9  Thank you Marilyn E. for sponsoring Norbie, Frannie and Bea for April

tobyor.jpegpatchesxm998.jpeg misty8-jpegThank you Teri K. for sponsoring Toby, Patches and Misty for April

corbin7.jpegThank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Corbin and Bronson for April

_MG_6922 jessah.jpeg jadah-jpegThank you to the anonymous donor for sponsoring Jessa, Josie and Jada for April

chaz7  quinnxm1Thank you Robyn W. for sponsoring Chaz and Quinn for May

patchesxm99.jpeg piper4.jpeg wendy3.jpegThank you Teri K. for sponsoring Patches, Piper and Wendy for May.

daisypk.jpegbandit2 smokie2.jpegThank you to our anonymous donor who sponsored three of our ranch hands for May, Siblings, Daisy, Bandit and Smokie

_MG_6077 (1) _MG_7080 ivyh.peg kitkatblu gavinxm  Thank you to Curt and Sara V. for their generous donation. Five felines will be sponsored for May and June. Toby, Tate, Ivy , Gavin and KitKat .

sebastianxm3.jpegThank you Alex and Paige for sponsoring Sebastian for June and July

zuzu9.jpeg felixhh.jpeg.jpg norbiexmThank you to our anonymous donor who sponsored Zuzu, Norbie and Felix for June

mia7  bea9 Mindya.jpeg Thank you Teri K for sponsoring Mia, Bea and Mindy for June

felixhh.jpeg.jpg  Thank you Ryan W for sponsoring Felix for July and August.

sebastianxm3.jpegThank you Alex and Paige for sponsoring Sebastian for June and July

_MG_7121.jpg huxleyxm lindsay7Thank you Teri K. for sponsoring Ivy, Huxley and Lindsay for the month of July

_MG_7760.jpg kramer3.jpegThank you Robyn W for sponsoring Owen and Kramer for July

Thank you

tate1.jpegHappy Tales sends a big THANK YOU to Robert S. and family for donating in Memory of Patti T.



Happy Tales is honored to be recognized by the Petco Foundation for our lifesaving work. This grant will help us continue to find safe, loving homes for our felines.


THANK YOU, The Miccio Foundation!

We are thrilled to announce that Happy Tales Ranch & Rescue has received a generous grant from The Miccio Foundation! Founded by Ursula Delworth, the Miccio Foundation continues to carry on her legacy of compassion and commitment to improve the lives of companion animals in Iowa. We are certainly working to do our part! As we have only seen the need for our services and care increase, we’ve initiated the Red Bunkhouse Project. The project will increase our housing space and allow a designated area for our special needs felines. While the Miccio Foundation has gotten the Red Bunkhouse Project off to a great start, we still need your help! Use our paypal buttons or email us to help the felines of Iowa today!


Thank you to Casey’s for supplying water for Relay Iowa.